Isolation of flax peptides from flax oil and seeds

isolation of valuable compounds from thin stillage

Chromatographic separation of complex lipid containing mixtures to individual pure compounds


Organic Synthesis


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Industrial Scale Up


Chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis for characterization and purity insurance.

Purpose: enhance the stability of crop systems

Research areas: biofuel, bio-products, nanotechnology, study biological activity, optical active isomers

Experimental conditions: strong acid & base, high temperature, high pressure

Approach produces biodiesel, de-salted glycerol, and lithium grease from oilseeds such as frost-damaged canola that are not suitable for edible oil production. The technology promises increased profitability by allowing producers to make biodiesel while at the same time diversifying their operations with two other high-value products. The patent-pending technology has attracted interest from a number of organizations within the biodiesel industry.

Team Phat

Lipid Quality and Utilization

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