Invited Lectures & Conference Presentations

IL-62 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim, J Liu, K Ratanapariyanuch (2015) Oilseed protein utilization for security. 14th International Rapeseed Congress, Saskatoon, SK, July 8, 2015.

IL-61 Reaney, MJT (2015) Supramolecular engineering with cyclic peptides. 14th International Rapeseed Congress, Saskatoon, SK, July 6, 2015.

IL-60 Reaney, MJT (2015) Sweet opportunities for flaxseed. Beijing Forestry University, Haidian, Beijing, China. May 5, 2015.           

IL-59 Reaney, MJT (2015) Flaxseed Orbitides: A new class of nutraceutical and cosmetic products. Tiens Group Co. Ltd, Wuqing, Tianjin, China. May 4, 2015.                   

IL-58 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2014) Flaxseed: feed opportunities. Danyoung Society, Seoul, Korea. November 8, 2014.

IL-57 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2014) Plant platforms for production of cyclic peptide natural products. Molecular Immunology Seminar, Department of Genetic Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. November 7, 2014.

IL-56 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2014) Orbitides in Foods: Can naturally occurring food peptides be used as protein quality markers? Invited Seminar, Food Processing and Technology Research Group, Korea Food Research Institute, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. November 5, 2014.

IL-55 Reaney, MJT, LW Young, YY Shim (2014) Seed Image Analysis. Application of Synchrotron Imaging for Crop Improvement Workshop, Saskatoon, SK, July 10-12, 2014.

IL-54 Reaney, MJT (2014) Flax is back: Sweet opportunities for flaxseed. Bioscience Showcase, Ag-West Bio Inc., Saskatoon, SK, May 12, 2014.

IL-53 Reaney, MJT (2014) Flaxseed Superfoods: Omega-3 Fats, Orbitides, Lignans and Fiber in Flax for Gut and Heart Health. Japan–Saskatchewan Workshop on Collaboration in Agricultural Bioscience,Osaka, Japan. April 23, 2014.

IL-52 Reaney, MJT (2014) Fuelled by Innovation. Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, SK. January 11, 2014.

IL-51 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim, LW Young (2013) Imaging seed. Imaging Technology Workshop: Potential Agricultural Applications, Saskatoon, SK.
IL-50 Reaney, MJT (2013) Phytosterols. Functional Foods and Processing Foods for Health, Saskatoon, SK. March 26, 2013.

IL-49 Reaney, MJT (2013) Big things in the wind for flax. 7th Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop. Saskatoon, SK. March 6-7, 2013.

IL-48 Reaney, MJT, MK Deyholos, Paul Arnison, YY Shim (2012) Orbitides: Small plant cyclic peptides from ribosomal precursors. International Conference on Circular Proteins 2012, Brisbane, Australia.

IL-47 Reaney, MJT, DP Okinyo-Owiti, Olivia, C, Sharav, O, P-G Burnett, Jadhav, VP, M Bagonluri, PS Covello, RSS Datla, YY Shim (2012) Cyclolinopeptides in flaxseed and flaxseed products. BIT Life Sciences' 5th Annual Protein and Peptide Conference (PepCon), Beijing, China.

IL-46 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2012) Extracting flax peptides for health and commercial uses. Flax day 2012: from dialogue to direction, Saskatoon, SK.

IL-45 Reaney, MJT (2011) New health products from flax. South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China.

IL-44 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2011) Plant lipid soluble compounds: many small things made large through biorefinery. Jinan University, Guangzhou, China. December 20-22, 2011.

IL-43 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2011) Bioenergy and green engineering: biorefinery, International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ISAT). Hyderabad, India.

IL-42 Reaney, MJT, YY Shim (2011) Natural products from flax. Total Utilization Flax GENomics (TUFGEN) Annual General Meeting, Saskatoon, SK. October 12, 2011.

IL-41 Young LW, P-G Burnett, DP Okinyo-Owiti, CM Olivia, MJT Reaney (2010) Seed composition analysis and cyclolinopeptide genes. TUFGEN Annual General Meeting, Saskatoon, SK.

IL-40 Reaney, MJT (2009) Impacts of biofuels on the environment: Life cycle assessment Annual meeting of the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-39 Reaney, MJT (2009) A series of unfortunate peptides Fifth Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-38 Reaney, MJT (2009) Integration of food and biofuel production University of Lethbridge and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Lethbridge, AB.

IL-37 Reaney, MJT (2009) Insights into research planning Green Crop Network Workshop. Montreal, QC.

IL-36 Reaney, MJT (2007) Biodiesel: The science and opportunities Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists' Annual Conference, North Battleford, SK.

IL-35 Reaney, MJT (2007) Biodiesel production Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists' Annual General meeting, Swift Current, SK.

IL-34 Reaney, MJT (2007) Biodiesel seems simple: Is it really? Banff Conference on Agriculture, Food and the Environment. Banff, AB.

IL-33 Reaney, MJT (2007) The pit and the pendulum Sask. Fruit Growers Association Crop Production Show Saskatoon, SK.

IL-32  Reaney, MJT (2007) Biodiesel opportunities Plant Canada 2007 Saskatoon, SK.

IL-31  Reaney, MJT (2007) Biodiesel recipes-with appetizers Plant Bio Industrial Oils Workshop Saskatoon, SK.

IL-30  Reaney, MJT (2007) Biodiesel production from crop plants: Renewed energy in the agricultural industry Atlantic Bioenergy Conference. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-29 Reaney, MJT (2006) Biodiesel panel discussion 2006 Canola Industry Meeting Saskatoon, SK, November 29, 2006.

IL-28 Reaney, MJT (2006) Biodiesel CanBio Workshop: On-Farm Bioenergy–Biomass solutions to fuel power and energy. March 29, Regina, SK.

IL-27 Reaney, MJT (2006) Designer oil platform crops Plant Bio-Industrial Oil Workshop. February 28, Saskatoon, SK.

IL-26 Reaney, MJT, WH Furtan, P Loutas (2006) Critical cost benefit analysis of biodiesel Research Integration Forum. April 27, Ottawa, ON.

IL-25  Reaney, MJT (2006) Analysis of mustard. Sustainable Development Technology Canada Site Visit. February 27, Saskatoon, SK.

IL-24  Reaney, MJT (2006) Biodiesel research in Canada Saskatchewan Biodiesel Task Force Meeting. February 27, Saskatoon, SK.

IL-23 Young, LW, NJ Tyler, R Denkert, MJT Reaney (2005) Canola and Arabidopsis lipid analysis, density sorting, NMR and fast GC Genome Prairie Enhancing Canola through Genomics Due Diligence meeting. Saskatoon, SK, November 23, 2005.

IL-22 Young, LW, MJT Reaney (2004) Bio-logical futures II Conference. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-21  Reaney, MJT (2004) Industrial oilseed crops: A new engine for innovation in industrial products Bio-Logical Futures II Conference. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-20  Reaney, MJT (2004) Biodiesel crops for the Maritimes: Production, processing linkages and benefits Biodiesel Workshop. Fredericton, NB.

IL-19  Reaney, MJT (2004) Bioenergy Opportunities. Winnipeg, MB.

IL-18  Reaney, MJT (2004) Visions of energy crops. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-17 Reaney, MJT (2003) Progress on the biobus project Invited presentation to the annual meeting of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-16  Reaney, MJT (2003) Building crops from the ground up Presentation invited by the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association.

IL-15  Reaney, MJT (2003) New industrial crops for northern climates Annual meeting of the AOCS.

IL-14 Reaney, MJT (2003) Biodiesel opportunities Presentation invited by the Manitoba Department of Agriculture given at the Business of Science Symposium. Winnipeg, MB.

IL-13 Reaney, MJT (2003) World biodiesel with Canadian perspectives Presentation invited by the Alberta Interdepartmental Committee on Biodiesel. Edmonton, AB.

IL-12 Reaney, MJT (2003) How to work with industry in process development Presentation invited by the Alberta Interdepartmental Committee on Biodiesel. Edmonton, AB.

IL-11 Reaney, MJT (2003) The Saskatoon biobus project Saskatoon Kiwanis Club Luncheon. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-10 Reaney, MJT (2002) Biodiesel: a profitable and sustainable business opportunity! Agbiotech: Cultivating Convergence (ABIC). Saskatoon, SK.

IL-09 Reaney, MJT (2002) Biodiesel in Canada Invited presentation by the National Biodiesel Board of the US Session. New Orleans, LA.

IL-08 Reaney, MJT (2002) AAFC Biodiesel research Proceedings of the inaugural meeting of Biodiesel Canada. DW Soveran Ed., Presentation invited by the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-07  Reaney, MJT, PB Hertz (2002) Factors affecting biodiesel lubricity. Proceedings of the inaugural meeting of Biodiesel Canada. DW Soveran Ed., Presentation invited by the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-06  Reaney, MJT (2002) Utilizing glycerine from biodiesel processes Presentation invited by the Fats and Protein Research Foundation (the research arm of the North American Renderers Association).

IL-05 Reaney, MJT (2002) AAFC research and development activities on bioproducts Presentation invited by Ag-West Biotech. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-04  Reaney MJT (2002) Encapsulating the CLA story Presentation invited by the Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network at the Saskatchewan Natural Health Products and Functional Food Research Update.

IL-03  Reaney MJT (2002) Biodiesel Presentation invited by Keith Downey to describe the status of the biodiesel industry at the Canola Industry Meeting. Saskatoon, SK.

IL-02 Reaney, MJT (2002) Success stories in the biodiesel business Agriculture Biotechnology International Conference.

IL-01 Reaney, MJT (2002) Success stories in the biodiesel business German mission 2002.

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