2012 Conference

Team Phat

Lipid Quality and Utilization

Canola Industry Meeting on December in Saskatoon, SK, Canada

ISNFF 2012 Annual conference on December in Kailua-Kona, HI, USA

47th Korean Nutrition Society (KNS) Annual Meeting on November in Seoul, Korea

BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of SQ Foods-2012 on November in Shenzhen, China

International Conference on Circular Proteins 2012 (ICCP2012) on October in Brisbane, Australia

2nd Canada-Korea Conference (CKC2012), on August in Whistler, BC, Canada

Total Utilization Flax GENomics (TUFGEN) on July in Saskatoon, SK, Canada

3rd Banff Conference on Plant Metabolism (PlantMet), on July in Banff, AB, Canada

14th Food Innovation Asia Conference (FIAC) on June in Bangkok, Thailand

103rd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo on April in Long Beach, CA, USA

The Peptide Conference 2012 on April in Cambridge, UK

BIT Life Sciences' 5th Annual Protein and Peptide Conference (Pep-Con) on March in Beijing, China

Flax Research Workshop on February in Banff, AB, Canada

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