Reaney, J. T. Martin, Ph.D.


   Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Chair

   Chair of Lipid Quality and Utilization in the College

   of Agriculture and Bioresources

   University of Saskatchewan



   +1 (306) 966-5027

Academic Credentials

   B.Sc. University of British Columbia, 1980


   M.Sc. University of Saskatchewan, 1985

             Biochemistry & Plant Physiology

   Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan, 1989

             Biochemistry & Plant Physiology


   High End Foreign Expert Distinction Award (2014)

           Jinan University Honor Award provided for

           foreign expert to work in China. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

   High-End Foreign Expert Distinction Award (2013)

           Dean of International Affairs of Jinan University, Guangdong, China

   Proof-of-Principle Award (2013)

           Green Centre Canada

   Nomination NSERC Synergy Award (2013)

           President of the University of Saskatchewan

   The Innovator Award (2011)

           Sponsored by Semba Biosciences

   Award of Innovation (2009)

           Sponsored by Innovation Place and Sponsored by Innovation Place and the 

           University of Saskatchewan’s Industry Liaison Office (ILO)

   Award of Innovation Nomination (2007)

           Sponsored by Innovation Place and the ILO

   Federal Partners in Technology Transfer Award (2005)

           Commercialization Leading to Economic Development

   Queens Golden Jubilee Medal (2002)

           Award for “ Contributions to Canada”

   ABEX (2002) “New Saskatchewan Product”

           Award for Bioriginal Food and Science for Commercial Production of CLA

           Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

   Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Gold Harvest Award (2001)

           Award for “Conjugated Linoleic Acid Team”


Team Phat

Lipid Quality and Utilization

Dr. Martin J. T. Reaney develops and optimizes process which utilizes natural products to synthesize compounds with practical applications. His research achievements include the development of a series of processes for biodiesel production from canola oil which reduce production costs and increase biodiesel performance.